Volume 3 has arrived! Gift subscriptions for the holidays!

Sweets & Bitters Volume 3: Foodways arrived by boat from our printer in Iceland last week. We promptly started stuffing envelopes and packing boxes to get them out to our subscribers and stockists. If you'd like get one and haven't yet, please visit our stockist  page or our online shop.

What are foodways? They are stories about how we came to eat the ways we do. Each story in this edition of Sweets & Bitters showcases a different kind of foodway. Mira Evnine tells us about a love that changed her life and her cooking, and serves up a spicy green mole with handmade tortillas. Devra Ferst takes us on a reminiscent trip to Tel Aviv for brunch at a beachside table cluttered with savory morsels. And we follow grains of rye from a farm in upstate New York to a distillery in Brooklyn, where we host a rustic cocktail party. The Small Bites section invites you to nibble on ways that history and culture shape how we eat.

With the holidays approaching, we've added a gift subscription option. When you purchase a gift, we'll send a card to the recipient along with the current volume. They'll receive three more volumes as they come out. You can add a custom note that we'll hand-write for you, and choose approximately when the first volume and card will arrive.