Golden Lasso

What shall I serve for the Wonder Women’s art opening? A seventies cocktail named the Wonder Woman calls for neon green Midori and layered tropical juices: not my kind of drink. This heroine deserves better.

I present the Golden Lasso. The rum, like Wonder Woman herself, is from an Island and crafted by a woman. The color and the powers of the drink--of any drink--are like her lasso, golden and truth-inducing. Finally, it too has Aphrodite’s blessing (this time in the form of cocktail bitters). It’s sexy and enticing, but could knock you out if you’re not careful.


Golden Lasso Recipe

1 ½ oz Appleton Rum

1oz tangerine juice

½ oz lime juice½ oz creole shrubb

drop of orange flower water

1 barspoon honey

4 dashes Aphrodite bitters

Measure the ingredients, and stir to disolve honey. Shake. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. If you like, garnish with a twist.