Cocktail Party at Goose Barnacle

Corner store window display by Sweets & Bitters at Goose Barnacle

Last week, Goose Barnacle hosted a cocktail party in the theme of Sweet & Bitters Volume 2: Corner Store Entertaining. With home made Goya cans and paper flowers we staged their window to resemble a New York bodega. Brooklyn Gin served the Tom Collins from Volume 2, and we gave away our version of “cracker jack” with cute food-themed Tattly tattoos as the prize. The free tickests sold out days in advance, and guests came to peruse the latest edition of Sweets & Bitters and Goose Barnacle's fine sartorial goods. Here are some pictures from Liz Clayman, in case you missed it.

tom collins and temporary tattoo: Sweets & Bitters at Goose BarnaclePhotographer Lauren Colchamiro with Publisher Mira Evnine, admiring the latest edition

home made "cracker jack" with a Tattly prize

Sweets & Bitters cocktail party at Goose Barnacle

Goose Barnacle proprietor David Alperin laughing with guests