Cocktail Party at Goose Barnacle

Corner store window display by Sweets & Bitters at Goose Barnacle

Last week, Goose Barnacle hosted a cocktail party in the theme of Sweet & Bitters Volume 2: Corner Store Entertaining. With home made Goya cans and paper flowers we staged their window to resemble a New York bodega. Brooklyn Gin served the Tom Collins from Volume 2, and we gave away our version of “cracker jack” with cute food-themed Tattly tattoos as the prize. The free tickests sold out days in advance, and guests came to peruse the latest edition of Sweets & Bitters and Goose Barnacle's fine sartorial goods. Here are some pictures from Liz Clayman, in case you missed it.

tom collins and temporary tattoo: Sweets & Bitters at Goose BarnaclePhotographer Lauren Colchamiro with Publisher Mira Evnine, admiring the latest edition

home made "cracker jack" with a Tattly prize

Sweets & Bitters cocktail party at Goose Barnacle

Goose Barnacle proprietor David Alperin laughing with guests

The Learning Agency


Allow me to rope you in with a Golden Lasso cocktail. Sweets & Bitters will serve these themed drinks during the opening reception for “The Learning Agency,” an exhibition by _gaia studio’s Wonder Women. Please come between 6 & 7pm for a cocktail and a hand-printed recipe card–while they last.

The Learning Agency
Opening Reception
March 22nd 4:30-7:30pm

Harold B Lemmerman Gallery
New Jersey City University
2039 Kennedy Blvd.
Jersey City, NJ


Hiroshi Kumagai at Gallery 58

Generic gallery cheese is one of my pet peeves. Why does every art opening offer the same dull refreshments? Coming from people deeply concerned with aesthetics and meaning-making it seems a gauche oversight. Here is a missed opportunity to enhance a celebration of the particular artwork on display!

For Hiroshi Kumagai's art opening next week, I've worked up recipes for confections and libations to fit the occasion. My Transpacific Punch updates an old southern ladies' recipe of whiskey, green tea and cherries; while matcha cupcakes play to the artist's favorite flavors and aesthetics. I hope you'll join us!

Hiroshi Kumagai

Thursday December 1st


58 Gallery

58 Coles st, Jersey City NJ 07302

Salons with Kate Galassi

"Forager" Kate Galassi envisioned a series of monthly salons where her friends in the creative, culinary and performing arts could come together to create atmospheric themed evenings. I collaborate with her on producing and serving food and cocktails. Recently, we built a forest of hors d’oeuvres and cocktails in a TriBeCa loft for an evening of acoustic music, and hosted a candlelit Prospect Park Picnic highlighting favorite farmers’ and foodmongers’ summer best.