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Contact me about food styling, recipe development, or writing (I do not respond to PR e-mails unless they are truly relevant to my work): info[at]sweetsandbitters[dot]com

Published Work

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New York Times

recipe, styling: Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken)

recipe, styling: Niku Jyaga (Japanese Beef and Potato Stew)

recipe, styling: Omurice (Japanese Rice Omelet)

recipe, styling: Oyakodon (Japanese Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl)


writing: Japan’s Father of Cooking Manga

writing, recipe: A Farewell to Fukuoka's Street Food

writing, illustrations, recipe: Sa-shi-su-se-so: The ABCs of Japanese Cooking


writing, photo: Day Drinking With Masayuki Qusumi

Gastro Obscura

writing, photos: The Man Reviving His Abandoned Village by Growing Rice


writing, illustrations: Eat Your Way Through Japan with Ice Cream

writing, illustrations: Four Great Edible Souvenirs to Bring Back From Japan's Top Culinary Region

writing, illustrations: A Field Guide to the Bouncy, Chewy Delights of Kyoto, Japan's best Mochi and Wagashi

writing: Why This Japanese Artist Spends Months Making Sheets of Painstakingly Gorgeous Paper By Hand


writing, styling: The Japanese Way to a Better Highball

Conde Nast Traveler

writing: 10 Best Sushi Restaurants in Seattle

writing: 5 Best Day Trips From Tokyo


writing: Tips From a Townie on What to Do in the Real Twin Peaks

recipe, writing, styling: How to Make a Perfect Matcha Latte, Without any Special Tools

recipes, writing, styling: How to Throw an Elegant Cocktail Party with Corner Store Ingredients

recipes, writing, styling: Skip the Trendy Brunch Spot and Make These Two Easy, Delicious Recipes Instead

recipes, writing, styling: Three 15-Minute Dinners That Are Better Than Take Takeout

writing: Matcha 101: 6 Secrets to Making the Perfect Cup

writing: The 5 Best Japanese Foods (That Aren't Sushi or Ramen)

writing: Inside Two of Japan's Remote, Magical Mountain Towns

Atlas Obscura

writing: The Annual Journey of a Giant Miso Soup Bowl

Runners World

writing, illustrations: A Marathon Isn't Always 26.2 Miles, And 9 Other Quirky Things I Learned About Running In Japan

Extra Crispy

writing, styling: Make Sushi Cake and Win the Holidays

Tasting Table

writing: Tokyo City Guide

Roads & Kingdoms

writing, photos: The Sake Ambassador

The Sweethome

writing: The Best Rolling Pin


recipe, writing: A Slushy, Boozy Reason to Never Get Rid of Your Ice Cream Machine

recipe, writing, styling : How To Make Japanese Kewpie Mayo at Home

recipe, writing, styling: The Japanese Seasoning Mix You'll Want to Sprinkle on Everything


writing, styling: How to Make a Wedding Cake Out of Donuts

recipes: Three Easy Ramen Recipes That Are Next Level Yummy

Marie Claire

recipes, writing, styling: Keep them Guesting, November 2014

Marie Claire, November 2014

Marie Claire, November 2014

Modern Farmer

writing: At the Pig Hotel, You Can Check Out, but You'll Never Want to Leave

Edible Brooklyn [recipes, writing, styling]

recipes, writing, styling: Recipe: Cardamom and Honey Squash Pie

recipes, writing, styling: Recipe: Salty Caramel Apple Pie with a Bourbon Crust

recipes, writing, styling: How to Make a Gluten Free Pie Crust

recipes, writing, styling: How to Make your Best Pie Lattice

recipes, writing, styling: Recipe: Blood Orange and Beet Cake with Goat Cheese Icing

Jewish Daily Forward

writing: Backyard Chickens and Windowbox Gardens




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Episode 117: Hannah Kirshner: Studying Food Through Work

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Episode 3: Craving Authenticity

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Heritage Radio

Animal Instinct, Episode 26: Backyard Chickens with Hannah Kirshner

Photo by Linda Xiao

Photo by Linda Xiao

About Hannah

What does a farm girl in Brooklyn do with a painting degree from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and an obsession with food? Start a visually rich culinary publication! Write about cooking, develop recipes, and become a food stylist. Grow vegetables even if it's one scraggly tomato plant hanging from a fire escape, and find a way to keep chickens whether on a rooftop, in a neighbor's empty lot, a community garden, or the rare urban back yard (I've tried them all).

On our small family farm in Washington state, I learned how food grows—and a deep respect for nature and agriculture—by helping to cultivate vegetables and raise chickens, goats and sheep. I continued to study food by working my way through the chain of production: harvesting herbs on an organic farm, selling specialty produce, serving farm-to-table food, baking artisan pastries and selling them at farmers markets, creating artful wedding cakes, developing and implementing craft cocktail programs, and testing and developing recipes for publications.

People ask me if I miss painting. Yes, but studying art taught me the rigorous creative thinking and disciplined (some might say crazy) hard work that shape how I approach everything from creating a recipe to researching a travel story. I'm happiest when my culinary and creative interests overlap!