THE NEW YORK TIMES "What to Cook This Week" August 2018

"Another new recipe, for Monday night: Hannah Kirshner’s adaptation of oyakodon, a Japanese chicken and egg rice honest half-hour’s work, not counting the rice that you can make right quick while the chicken’s cooking." -Sam Sifton


FOOD52 "Genius Crispy, Fluffy (Vegan) Waffles with a Very Strange Secret Ingredient"

"...the waffles taste well-toasted, lightly sweet, and faintly tangy in the manner of buttermilk or overnight yeasted waffles..."  -Kristin Miglore


THE NEW YORK TIMES "Drinking Food" November 25, 2015

"Kirshner prepared grilled oysters beneath miso, and fish wrapped in banana leaves, at a grill set up near the chicken coop she keeps in her yard (because: Brooklyn)."  -Sam Sifton


THE NEW YORK TIMES "Close at Hand: Hannah Kirshner of Sweets & Bitters and her Omelet Pan for the Backyard Bounty" August 3, 2015

"...the object in the kitchen that she most treasures reveals a more practical relationship to her favored animal: a long-handled, shallow omelet pan."  -Ligaya Mishan


MARIE CLAIRE  "@Play: Keep Them Guesting" November 2014

"Planning to crash someone else's Thanksgiving Feast? Dinner-party guru Hannah Kirshner...lays out three steps to make sure you get asked back next year."


THE NEW YORK TIMES "Front Burner: To Peruse: After a Bittersweet Start, a Magazine Rebounds" June 4, 2013

" appealingly funky quarterly food journal..." - Florence Fabricant


GARDENISTA "Required Reading: Sweet & Bitters Quarterly" October 9, 2012

"We've been testing the picnic recipes in Sweets & Bitters...a new pocket-sized cookbook by Brooklyn-based baker Hannah Kirshner,  and we're happy to report that the cold brew coffee and the herb sconesand the deviled eggs—and oh yes, the whisky-soaked chocolate cake—tasteas good as they look...."


FOOD 52 "Kickstarter Love: Sweet & Bitters" July 11, 2012

"Sweets & the newest tangible thing on our radar, and we can’t wait to stain its pages, even though they might be too pretty to do so." -Kenzi Wilbur


THE WASHINGTON POST "Postcard from Tom" August 27, 2010
" ...the bar manager's graciousness on a busy Friday night is equaled by her smooth bar skills.... She is, after all, [the cocktail's] secret ingredient." – Tom Sietsema


PROVIDENCE JOURNAL "Delicate French Macarons" March 17, 2010
"[Olga's] baker, Hannah Kirshner, wanted to make them and now everyone is just so glad....Kirshner’s buttercream fillings are light as air." – Gail Ciampa