Sweets & Bitters offers a beautiful and practical vision of the good life, printed as a series of themed mini-cookbooks. Each volume features fun recipes with helpful tips, and sets the scene with photo essays. It tempers pastries and cocktails with wholesome everyday foods, and balances aspirations to eat locally and seasonally with pragmatism about our busy lives and readily available ingredients.

From the dishes described to the paper it’s printed on, Sweets & Bitters is about everyday pleasure. The title implies pastries and cocktails. It alludes to birthdays and breakups, dinner parties and nights alone, perfect summer weekends, bad days at work, and treats just for the fun of it.

Delight can strike in unexpected places. Sometimes the best part of a dinner party is washing dishes with your best friend after all the guests have gone, sharing hearty laughs and intimate conversation. Sometimes a freshly pulled carrot is more pleasing than a fancy cake. Between the sweet and the bitter, let’s celebrate life lived well. 

Hannah Kirshner is founder and editor of Sweets & Bitters. Isaac Gertman provides design and creative direction. Mira Evnine contributed styling and managed PR for Volumes 2 and 3. We’ve worked with freelance photographers including Liz Clayman, Lauren Colchamiro, Todd Coleman, Daniele Teodoro, Julia Gartland, and more!